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Trout Hooks - Best Hooks for Trout Fishing - Hook Size for Trout

Let's explore trout hooks and the use case for each one to get you landing more fish. Getting the right hook size can make or break your fishing trip.
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Best Spinning Rod for Trout

Today we are going to find the best spinning rod for trout fishing and go through some of the options you need to look out for when deciding on which brand of trout rod you should buy.
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Best fishing line for trout

Let's take a closer look at our top 3 fishing lines for trout and compare each one. We looked at quality, our favourite line and the best line for stealth.
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Do Trout Have Teeth

Yes, trout have teeth, but you only need to worry about larger trout if you are concerned about getting bitten.
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Lake Trout Lures

We love fishing lakes and our target species for this post is the lake trout. Learn about our favorite lake trout lures, how to rig up, the techniques we use.
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Rooster Tail for Trout

If you are looking for a trout lure that will always deliver then you need to stock up on Rooster Tails for your next trip. Pick up a few different colors and you are good to go.
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Trout Bait

When looking for trout bait you really need have a fair idea what trout eat day after day. I have fished with an endless list of trout baits and lures but it really helps to have some background knowledge when you hit the water.
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Trout Lures

We review the best trout lures for catching fish in rivers, lakes and small streams. From fishing clear fast moving water to muddy flood waters.
Salmon Eggs for Trout Fishing
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Trout Fishing With Salmon Eggs

Salmon Eggs For Trout If you are looking for a natural trout bait then you need to have a fish with Salmon eggs. Pretty much every animal that lives in or on a Salmon river or stream will eat these juicy little eggs. They float downstream…
guide to catching trout with worms